Level 3: Self Paced Program Agreement

Program Agreement

On behalf of Wild + Free Collective, we want to welcome and congratulate you on making a decision to align + live free We are excited for you to be a part of this community! It is our commitment to give you a first-class experience and the highest quality of training possible.

Please sign the form below and acknowledge that all information is correct. If you have any questions or notice inaccuracies, please contact us at wildandfreecollective@gmail.com.

As a part of the ALIGN + LIVE FREE Program you will receive:

  • 12 weeks in the Align + Live Free Program
  • Pre-recorded videos as well as any written content for the program
  • Lifetime access to the online membership area

In exchange for these services, the following payment agreement applies:

  • one time payment of $650 CDN ($485 USD)

I accept the list above as a complete list of items I have purchased and hereby authorize the validity of this agreement. I understand that I am agreeing that all information shared with me in the Align + Live Free Program is confidential and proprietary, and as such, that the program does not allow for cancellations, refunds, nor extend any money-back guarantee. I further acknowledge that I have no medical condition that would prevent my participation in the Align + Live Free program and I waive any claim against Wild + Free Collective and its team for any damages that I may sustain as a result of participating. I acknowledge that no earnings claims or guarantees have been made to me regarding the outcomes of the program.

Align Level 3: Self Guided Agreement